Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal from Aquafit
To withdraw from program, send us written notice so that we receive it on or before the 15th of the previous month (email is acceptable written notice).
To withdraw from the program in April, we must have receipt of written notice on or before March 15th—your April 1st (and subsequent) payments will be stopped. If notice is received after March 15th, your April 1st payment will be processed, and subsequent payments will cease on May 1st.

Rejoining the Program
If you withdraw from the program and rejoin at a later date, we cannot guarantee placement in a particular class.

Withdrawal from BabySwim, ToddlerSwim or KinderSwim
All BabySwim and ToddlerSwim class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to other 8-week sessions.
A credit for unattended classes will be allowed for medical reasons with accompanying documentation from your doctor (a $25.00 cancellation fee applies). Please note: credit for medical reasons will be offered for classes missed after the date you notify H2O-FIT, and credit note can be applied to future BabySwim, ToddlerSwim, KinderSwim or Aquafit classes.




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